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Break Up Degreaser

Weight 9.091 kg
Dimensions 6.63x12.75x12.94 (Width x Length x Height in Inches)
SKU 561055

Alpine Break Up Heavy-Duty Degreaser-Liquid is a concentrated cleaning agent highly recommended for high-volume commercial kitchens, bakeries, and other food establishments. With everyday use, kitchen equipment like oven, grills, hoods, fryers, and pans accumulate emulsified grease and baked-on food deposits. Without a high-quality concentrated detergent degreaser, cleaning your kitchen can be frustrating and time consuming with hours spent on scrubbing and scouring in vain.

Lucky for you, there’s Alpine Break Up Heavy-Duty Degreaser-Liquid. This concentrated detergent degreaser is formulated with a potent combination of anionic surfactants, petroleum distillates, alkaline ingredients that make extremely effective against stubborn all types of oils and grease. You can also use it to effortlessly clean kitchen floors, surfaces of equipment, and storage areas. Although it’s a beast when it comes to grease and grime, Alpine Blast Away Oven Grill Cleaner is specially formulated to be gentle on your kitchen equipment and will not corrode materials like stainless steel. Just apply the solution to the area, leave for a few minutes, and come back to rinse.

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