Knife Basics 101

The first step to great food is great knife skills.  The information below is brought to you by WÜSTHOF. Find The Right Knife For You How To Hold The Knife 1. Allow the knife to balance gently in the palm of your hand with hand open. 2. Place the lower three fingers... read more

Top 10 reasons to make The True Choice.

From environmentally friendly refrigeration to outstanding customer support, these are the Top 10 reasons to make The True Choice. This Article is brought to you by True Manufacturing. 1. Refrigeration System By matching and balancing hydrocarbon refrigeration with... read more

Hot Appliance Trends For 2017

With our fast growing economy, today’s designers are looking for innovative ways to incorporate form with function.  Manufacturers are introducing a broad range of small creative appliances to the market that have shown time and again, that aesthetic design doesn’t... read more

Take Your Love of Coffee to the Next Level

Using a French Press to make coffee and tea, allows the hot water to come in contact with the raw grounds, but then never passes through a filter.  You actually will press out the grounds with the coffee press, leaving nothing but the coffee itself.  This allows the... read more

The Finer Points of Wine

** Post Retrieved from Riedel’s Company Brochure ** WHY SHAPE MATTERS Stemware consists of 3 parts: the bowl, stem and base. – The height of the stem and the width of the base are part of the glass design (known as the architecture). – Grape varietal... read more

The Hazards of Traditional BBQ Brushes

** Post Retrieved from CBC News – Health ** To read the full article, click here.   Canadian surgeons are urging people to throw out wire-bristled barbecue brushes, because none of them have figured out a surefire way of removing the wires when they get... read more

Wusthof Cares: Edge Care

  Written by WÜSTHOF Canada It is often thought that good and expensive knives do not require care. You now know that surely isn’t so. In this blog we educate you on how to keep that edge nice as fresh as the day you bought it. No knife stays sharp forever. At... read more

Charcuterie: Cuts above the Rest

Char… what? Charcuterie quite literally means ‘cooked flesh’ and is derived from the French words CHAR (flesh) and CUITE (cooked)2. This method of curing meats is an ancient food preparation technique that was a necessity prior to the 1900’s . Recently, however, it... read more

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