With our fast growing economy, today’s designers are looking for innovative ways to incorporate form with function.  Manufacturers are introducing a broad range of small creative appliances to the market that have shown time and again, that aesthetic design doesn’t need to take a back seat to practicality and functionality.

Here are some new and upcoming trends to watch for.

Colour Is Key

Coloured appliances are one of the best ways to accent your kitchen. Everything from coffee makers to stand mixers are being produced in vivid exotic colours. Famous brand companies such as Cuisinart and KitchenAid are creating mixers, blenders and food processors in shades of candy apple red, frosted pearl, onyx, espresso bean, chocolate, and cobalt blue.

Best of all, this small appliance trend is probably here to stay, because consumers are snapping these colourful gadgets up.

Space-Age Shapes

The 1960s is making a comeback with a space-age look but in a more streamlined, modern design.  Many of today’s kitchen appliances feature sleek designs in stainless steel and black that are inspired by the like of Rocketships and Death Stars!  These retro trends are proving to be both funky and functional.

Smaller is Better

Likely the most useful small appliance trend is an increased emphasis on space-saving designs.  You may remember the era when all kitchen appliances were huge, even those supposedly made to fit on the counter. Whether it was a microwave, a coffeemaker or a toaster, if it was any good at all, it was huge.

Today, bulky countertop appliances are becoming a distant memory as both homeowners and manufacturers realize that a countertop appliance should be made to fit on the counter with room to spare. This is especially important in smaller dwelling areas where space is at a premium.

Thanks to modern innovations, many appliances are small enough to fit several of them on one counter and still have room to make a sandwich.

Appreciate the little things

Replacing your old clunky appliances is a great way to freshen up your kitchen. Whether you are looking to do a full redesign or just wanting to spruce things up, you may want to include at least a few of these trendy small appliances in your kitchen. Once you bring a couple of them home, you’ll soon find that they’re not only functional; they’re also fabulous!