Using a French Press to make coffee and tea, allows the hot water to come in contact with the raw grounds, but then never passes through a filter.  You actually will press out the grounds with the coffee press, leaving nothing but the coffee itself.  This allows the essential oils to diffuse throughout the drink as opposed to being filtered out by a traditional drip filter.  Therefore, the coffee is more flavourful and more antioxidants and nutrients end up in your cup.

Coffee lovers praise French Press coffee because of its superior taste, quality drinkability, and nutritional content.  It allows for the full flavour and coffee’s maximum benefits to be consumed.  If you’re not familiar with this method, then it’s time to try it.  Essentially, you get your coffee straight from the bean!

Here is how it’s done:

4.) Press

It’s now time to start pressing!  Once the grounds have stopped floating carefully insert the plunger into the pot and press down slowly ensuring to use even pressure.  Once you feel you’ve plunged down tightly into the grounds you are ready to enjoy!

1.) Grind

The French Press is a great way to discover new blends of coffee as it brings out coffee’s many natural flavours.  To start pick the brand of bean that you want. Ensure to use a medium to slightly coarse grind (if the grind is too coarse, it may clog the filter and fine grinds will just pass straight through).  Add water according to the size of your press.  A good guide to follow is 60-75g of coffee to a 1L pot of coffee.

2.) Pour

Now it’s time to pour you hot water into the pot.  If you let your water come to a boil let it rest approximately 60 seconds before pouring as you don’t want to scorch the grounds.  Start by pouring water slowly over the grounds, allowing the full flavour to “bloom”.  After you have poured your desired amount of water, wait 1 minute and gently stir with a long spoon.

3.) Rest

This is a very important step.  Let the coffee rest for between 3 to 8 minutes.  The time will vary depending on how you like your coffee and what type of coffee you are using.


Did you know the French Press can be used to make herbal teas, and cold coffee beverages as well!