Written by WÜSTHOF Canada
It is often thought that good and expensive knives do not require care. You now know that surely isn’t so. In this blog we educate you on how to keep that edge nice as fresh as the day you bought it.
No knife stays sharp forever. At some point, they all need a little TLC. However, WÜSTHOF knives are unique in many ways, especially when it comes to the edge. In our quest to continually advance our product for performance, comfort and aesthetics, we spent over 4 years researching a new factory edge application. The finished product has improved our level of sharpness by over 20% and increased our edge retention by double.


We call this new edge PEtec – Precision Edge Technology – which is perhaps one of the greatest advancements in our industry since the introduction of stainless steel. So, what does any of this have to do with edge care? Well, everything!
Knives get dull. This is a fact. It isn’t so much because of the food that we cut, but what we cut on. With every slice, chop and dice, our knives cut into the boards below the food. It is the cutting board that pushes back against the cutting edge, displacing the “teeth” and dulling the knife.

“Under magnification, knives have tiny “teeth”. It’s these teeth that allow a sharp knife to glide through food.”

There are two ways to put that factory edge back on your knives:


Honing a knife is something we have all seen butchers and professional chefs do. It is where the knife is passed along a smooth long rod, alternating sides of the knife with every stroke. This process is designed to push the existing “teeth” of the knife back into alignment and ideally done after every use. This is our preferred method of edge care and where PEtec really shines.
For tips on how to use a honing steel, click here.
Over time, even while using the honing steel regularly, your knife will still need to be sharpened. Use a sharpening device as per the instructions, then put it away and go back to your steel. This cycle will keep your knives in peak cutting shape and as reliable as the first day you bought them.

“Waiting until your knives get dull to sharpen them can actually shorten the lifespan of a knife quite dramatically as every pass of a sharpening device removes steel from the blade.”


Knives need to be sharpened when they get dull. This is the act of removing steel from the cutting edge to create a new edge. There are many devices for this. The most common and easy-to-use are pull-through sharpeners. A diamond and ceramic sharpening rod is for intermediate level expertise and the most challenging to use tool, a sharpening stone. All of these devices use varying levels of abrasives to remove steel and create a new edge.
… and there you have it! Take care of your knives and they’ll take good care of you for many years to come.


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