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Euroline Essential Collection Sanroku 7″ / 180 mm


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The Santoku knife is the all-rounder for Asian cuisine used in preparing fish, meat or vegetables. Where the Chef’s knife has a curved blade and a high tip,Ê the Santoku blade is much straighter with a low tip.Ê Versions of this knife are manufactured with either a standard-edged blade or a hollow ground edge, also known as a granton edge. The purpose of the granton style blade is to assist with keeping particles from sticking to the knife edge as it cuts, as well as to reduce friction for an easier and faster chopping motion. Euro Essential represents a knife series created for everyday use in demanding gourmet kitchens. The well balanced blade, with its typical broad KRAMER by ZWILLING shape, also offers plenty of room for larger hands. A professional special steel was selected, the hardness, sharpness and strength of which has proved its worth on a number of razor blades. The handle, the edges of which, like the blades, are rounded by hand, always sits securely in your hand, thanks to its ergonomic shape and soft touch synthetic resin material.

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Weight 2.205 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 1 in




Zwilling J.A Henckels CDA. Ltd.

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