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British Columbia Restaurant Equipment & Kitchen Supplies

S.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply leads the wave of top-notch restaurant suppliers in North America. Our company believes in providing nothing but the best products and services for our customers. Our mission is reflected in our quality brand-name kitchen essentials that are specifically designed to help you propel your signature cuisines to the next level.

With customer service as a main priority, you can count on it that our excellent products and services are brought to you by a team of experienced and friendly professionals. Our British Columbia restaurant supply store will be your go-to place for all your foodservice needs.

Restaurant Equipment & Kitchen Supplies - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Supplying British Columbia Kitchens With Everything You Need

Those who want to find serenity in nature yet experience its high-powered thrills at the same time should know that all signs lead to British Columbia.

This Canadian province is a paradise of lush forests, sky-high mountains, and an invigorating coastline. It is also the only location in the country wherein you can go to the beach for a morning dip before you head to the mountains for an afternoon ski or snowboarding adventure. Don’t even get us started on its vibrant city life and cozy wine country.

While all these activities must sound exciting, there would be no fun without great food, and it just so happens that British Columbia is popular for its selection of flavoursome cuisines. Foodies will find themselves in a food utopia once they indulge in the province’s signature seafood menu, such as wild pacific salmon, fish chowder, and dungeness crab. Pair that with Okanagan fruit, bannock bread, and Nanaimo bars; and you’ll have yourself a fun feast. Some of the biggest cities with the best food scenes include:

Vancouver - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply


Surrey - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply


Burnaby - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply


Richmond - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply


Victoria - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply


If you manage a dining establishment in this natural wonder of a location, it’s time to give your restaurant an upgrade with the help of our British Columbia restaurant supply store. From baking essentials and heavy-duty grills all the way to kitchen apparel and silverware, you’ll find all that and more in our extensive s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply catalogue.

Kitchen Supplies For  Both Restaurants & Homes - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Kitchen Supplies for Both British Columbia Restaurants & Homes

It’s no secret that our British Columbia restaurant supply store is a place for restaurateurs to restock on their commercial cooking supplies; however, s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply is also the best place for you to find staples for your home kitchen.

That’s right; your household kitchen deserves just as much TLC as any commercial kitchen does. For days when you want to unleash your inner pastry chef to serve delectable desserts to your family after dinner, you will find high-quality ovens, springform pans, blenders, food processors, stand mixers, dough scrapers, and French rolling pins in our catalogue. Or perhaps you want to host a backyard cookout with your family and friends? Well, our British Columbia restaurant supply store has all the barbecue accessories you could dream of from all the top-notch kitchen brands.

If you want kitchen staples, s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply can provide them to you.

If you want the highest-quality kitchen staples,
s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply can provide them to you in no time.

Quality Products From The Biggest Kitchen Brands - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Quality Products From Some of the Biggest Kitchen Brands

Brands become big when they are tried and tested, and eventually loved and trusted by a wide range of consumers. Whether you are looking for kitchen essentials for your restaurant or household kitchen, our British Columbia restaurant supply store has you covered.

To give you a glimpse into the trusted brands that we carry, our catalogue includes:

Quality KItchen Essentials - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Without a doubt, these are all brands that have been spearheading the kitchenware industry for decades now, and counting.

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British Columbia’s Best Rated Kitchen Supply Store

At s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply, we believe in supplying exceptional customer service to our valued clients. We do this by creating a convenient online platform that offers easy access to all the reliable products in our collection. Additionally, our customer service representatives are always just a call away to answer all your questions and concerns.

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Easy Online Ordering

It’s great to step out to shop for new kitchen supplies, but purchasing online is just so much better. ... Browse our extensive catalogue of foodservice must-haves, add to cart, and we’ll deliver your order right to your doorstep.

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Everything & The Kitchen Sink

Are you one of those people who packs everything but the kitchen sink when you go on vacation? Well, ... if you are, you will love that our British Columbia restaurant supply store offers everything and the kitchen sink! Our expansive kitchenware selection is your one-stop shop for everything you need in your culinary processes.

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Speedy Shipping & Returns

Our British Columbia restaurant supply store offers fast and free shipping for orders amounting to $250 and above... We guarantee that all our products are of high quality, but in the event that you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can email us at within 30 days of your order date. All you have to do is include your name, invoice number, and a brief description of the defective item. Also specify if you would prefer a refund or a replacement. Afterwards, s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply will send you a Return Authorization through email.

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Explore our monthly sales to find great deals on kitchen appliances and supplies... Each month features an entirely new catalogue for you to find exactly what you are looking for, at a price that you’ll love!

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From the smallest teaspoon to the largest oven, you can rest assured that s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply has it all for you. Browse our full catalogue to find all your commercial and household kitchen needs.

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