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Restaurant Uniforms & Kitchen Apparel

Shop at S.T.O.P and dress your team in stylish and durable restaurant apparel. Put your employees first with top industry brands for chef hats, chef jackets, server aprons, at great prices!

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Restaurant Uniforms & Kitchen Apparel

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Restaurant Uniforms & Kitchen Apparel

Food Service Apparel for Kitchen & Service Staff

Dress your front-of-house and back-of-house staff in sleek restaurant uniforms when you shop at Ontario’s leading chef uniform store—s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply.

Our selection of high-quality restaurant uniforms covers everything you need to have your staff looking and performing their best—from high-quality chef shirts and lightweight chef jackets to durable aprons and shoes, all available in various sizes.

Whether serving customers at a bustling deli or quaint café or running the pass, comfortable and practical food service apparel is a must-have to maintain a crisp professional look. Explore our extensive collection of restaurant uniforms in Canada to find what you need.

Exploring Our Range of Kitchen Uniforms

Kitchen uniforms are essential for maintaining safety and hygiene in any professional kitchen. Our high-quality uniforms are designed to protect staff from spills, burns, and other kitchen hazards.

As a well-established chef uniform store, our team sources all kitchen clothing from the best chef uniform brands in Canada, including Winco, John G. Brown & Sons, Futuri, and Blackwood Career Apparel.

Types of Chef Uniforms in Canada

Chef uniforms are designed for functionality, comfort, and professionalism, catering to diverse kitchen environments.

  • Apron - Protect your clothing from stains and spills. Easy to clean and designed for maximum coverage and comfort in the kitchen.
  • Chef Jacket - Stay professional and comfortable with our high-quality chef jackets, offering protection and style for every culinary expert.
  • Kitchen Shirt - Enjoy breathable comfort and ease of movement with our kitchen shirts, perfect for busy kitchen environments.
  • Chef Pants - Designed for durability and comfort, our chef pants provide flexibility and ease for long hours in the kitchen.
  • Chef Hats - Maintain hygiene and a professional appearance with our chef hats, designed for comfort and practicality in any kitchen setting.

Uniform Styles and Materials for Every Chef

Every culinary professional and establishment has varying preferences and safety requirements to keep in mind when choosing a uniform. That’s why chef uniforms in Canada vary by material, style, colour, and design.

Chef coats or chef jackets, often made from durable cotton or poly-cotton blends, offer protection against heat and spills with their double-breasted design. Kitchen shirts and chef pants, crafted from breathable fabrics, provide ease of movement and comfort during long shifts. Aprons, available in various styles such as bib and waist, add an extra layer of protection.

Look for added features, such as adjustable velcro sizing and snap front closure on chef pants and coats to keep cooks comfortable during a full shift. For cook hats, solid top pillbox style and mesh top pillbox style are two of the most common designs. These accessories keep all hair and sweat in one place while ensuring enough ventilation and breathing space.

Each piece is designed to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a professional look.

Food Service Apparel Care and Maintenance Tips

Even kitchen apparel made with the finest fabric can degrade due to wear and tear. We recommend the following tips to preserve your kitchen uniform’s mint condition:

  • Avoid using bleach to whiten your chef jacket. Instead, use vinegar, oxygen-based detergent, and natural whiteners.
  • Use lukewarm water when hand washing clothing to remove stains effectively.
  • Wash your chef uniform after every use to keep it clean and fresh.
  • Air dry chef coats and pants to preserve their shape and minimize wrinkles.

Why Choose Our Chef Uniform Store

s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply is the preferred choice for Canadian restaurants and commercial kitchens. Choosing us as your chef uniform supplier will give you the following benefits:

Industry Expertise

With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply has helped commercial kitchens become thriving culinary establishments that customers love. We’re big enough to handle anything you need, but small enough to truly care.

Quality and Reliability

Protect your staff against elements in the kitchen and ensure long-term durability with restaurant uniforms made of high-quality fabric. All of our kitchen apparel has great wrinkle resistance, keeping your staff clean and presentable throughout the day.

Great Deals Await You

Looking for a chef uniform at an affordable price? We mark down our high-quality food service apparel monthly, so you can score them at prices you won’t find elsewhere. Shop our clearance collection today!

Quick and Easy Delivery Options

Order restaurant uniforms today and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep on time. We pack everything with care so expect your kitchen uniforms to arrive in ready-to-wear condition—that’s a s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply guarantee!

Shop Professional Restaurant Uniforms Today!

Cleanliness, neatness, and professionalism don’t just apply to the interior of your dining room—it applies to the appearance of your employees as well. Are you planning to order kitchen uniforms in bulk? Call us at 1-800-265-2961, and we’ll fix you a deal that works for you!

Browse our online catalogue for a complete look at our collection of restaurant kitchen equipment, accessories, and supplies. We help all types of establishments run successful food service businesses, including hospitals, schools, bakeries, and even concession stands.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our team for help.

Restaurant Uniforms & Kitchen Apparel

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