Moyer Diebel 351HT(70)

Undercounter Dishwasher
Includes 70 Degree Rise Booster



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CLEARANCE: Bloomfield Coffee Brewers

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Spatula Servers are perfect for slider,

appetizers and small entrees, now only

$18.00 (regular price $25.64)

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The True Food International Inc. | T#.43

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A Small Change Can Make A Huge Difference.

2018 has just begun and everyone is thinking clean and healthy!  A simple way to spruce up your restaurant is to replace your sauce bottles on your table.

Here’s How It Works…

If a 1,000 watt oven cooks a baked potato in 4 minutes 3 seconds the throughput is 13 baked potatoes in 1 hour. Then, a 2,200 watt oven cooks a baked potato in 1 minute 50 seconds the throughput is 28 baked potatoes in 1 hour.

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