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Sudbury Restaurant Equipment & Kitchen Supplies

Top-quality brands, knowledgeable sales representatives, and a showroom with a wide selection make us the best resource for restaurant owners and home chefs.

Our superior products are brought to you by a team of customer-focused professionals. Come discover why our Sudbury restaurant supply store will quickly become your go-to for all your food service and home culinary needs. We carry everything from convection ovens and steam kettles to spatulas and to-go boxes–truly a one-s.t.o.p shop.

Restaurant Equipment & Kitchen Supplies - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Supplying Sudbury Kitchens With Everything You Need

As the largest city in northern Ontario, the City of Greater Sudbury has a thriving restaurant scene. It's known for its cultural diversity, and residents and tourists alike enjoy exploring the local cuisine offered in Sudbury's fine dining restaurants, cafes, and bistros.

In Ontario as a whole, there are a remarkable 38,000 dining establishments. The s.t.o.p Sudbury restaurant equipment online catalogue can provide all the equipment and specialty tools that these restaurateurs rely on. From traditional steak and potatoes to more traditional dishes, including butter tarts, poutine, beavertails, paste, and pickerels, s.t.o.p's tools and equipment can help you create delicious versions during each meal service. Furthermore, as one of Ontario's top tourist destinations, Sudbury sees plenty of visitors, all eager to sample tasty local dishes. If you run a dining establishment or catering company in Sudbury, it's time to upgrade your kitchen with the help of our Sudbury kitchen supplies showroom. From snazzy team apparel to sharp and perfectly balanced knives, you'll find everything you need in our vast s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply catalogue.

Kitchen Supplies For  Both Restaurants & Homes - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Kitchen Supplies for Both Sudbury Restaurants & Homes

You may be familiar with our Greater Sudbury restaurant equipment store as a place where chefs, caterers, and café owners shop for their professional heavy equipment and cooking and baking supplies. However, s.t.o.p is also a great place for the home cook to find all the supplies they need to create delicious recipes for friends and family.

Yes, that's right—anyone can visit our Sudbury restaurant supply store and shop for a top-line cooking range or professional-grade baking sheets to make delicate pastries. Get ready to unleash your inner chef with the right convection ovens, gas grills, or food processors–or create delectable desserts with our springform pans, stand mixers, and even frosting bags and nozzles. When you want to host a dinner party for friends–or if you just want to elevate your bake sale contributions–our Sudbury kitchen supplies warehouse has everything you need, from only the best kitchen supply brands.

If you want the highest-quality kitchen staples,
s.t.o.p. Restaurant Supply can provide them to you in no time.

Quality Products From The Biggest Kitchen Brands - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Quality Products From Some of the Biggest Kitchen Brands

The best culinary brands achieved their renown because they consistently deliver top quality and durability, which is vastly important in a busy professional kitchen. At s.t.o.p, our brand partners are ones with a reputation for quality, spearheading the culinary industry for countless years.

Quality KItchen Essentials - s.t.o.p Restaurant Supply

Without a doubt, these are all brands that have been spearheading the kitchenware industry for decades now, and counting.

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Sudbury’s Best Rated Kitchen Supply Store

The s.t.o.p restaurant team is committed to supplying the best kitchen equipment and providing knowledgeable customer service for both the restaurant professional and home kitchen enthusiast. To make all your restaurant equipment and kitchen wares shopping a breeze, we've created an online platform you can access from anywhere, with all of our exceptional products just a click away. Additionally, if you have questions about a particular item or your account, our friendly customer service reps are just a phone call away.

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Easy Online Ordering

Exploring our Sudbury restaurant equipment showroom in person is exciting, but ordering online is so much ... easier. Browse our online catalogue of must-have restaurant supplies and disposables, add your items to your cart, and your order is quickly delivered right to your door.

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Everything & The Kitchen Sink

When you need everything and the kitchen sink, we've got it! You won't need to shop anywhere else for all ... the supplies you need. Our Sudbury kitchen supplies store offers everything you need, such as kitchen hand washing sinks and eye stations! We have all your culinary equipment needs.

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Speedy Shipping & Returns

s.t.o.p offers fast, free shipping for orders of $200 or more and hassle-free returns. If you aren't satisfied... with your purchase, simply email us within 30 days, including your name, invoice #, and a brief description of the item's defect. You may also note if you'd prefer a refund or a replacement.

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Monthly Sales

Find great deals on new kitchen equipment and supplies in our monthly sales special catalogue.... Each month is a new array of items we're sure you'll love at great prices!

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You'll find all you need at s.t.o.p's Sudbury restaurant supply store, from a multiple range grill to paper towels and everything in between. Check out our online catalogue for all your home kitchen or restaurant equipment needs.

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